Every system, every organism and every company has an optimal range, a balance in which it performs at its best.

Over time, neglect, ignorance, or unconscious intention can deviate from the ideal line. The human body loses power, becomes ill. A business loses economic strength, loses market share or becomes unprofitable.

You often notice the effects, but never the true causes.

Systemic detox focuses on removing the disturbing causes. Only when these are cleared, cleared, it can be healthy and work out of full force!

My expertise is to track down the major burdens and to use the right methods, tools to specifically detoxify the system, ie the people or the company. This frees the system of stress and allows to achieve optimal performance again!

My long term experience confirms it: The most serious blockages and success brakes are deeply hidden in the system. There, where many do not want or can not look. That's why many of my clients discover completely new levels in themselves and in their companies.

My methods and products are aimed directly at the correction of the causes - without detours.

Once the success systems are clean, nothing stands in the way of personal and business success. If the cause is not removed, the system will not reach its full potential. The human remains ill, the company generates less income.

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Jakub Malina

My career


✓  Economic School

✓  Some years medicine study

✓  Swiss Federal Dipl. Business Economist FH

✓  Executive MBA University of Zurich

✓   Certif. Detox therapist


Founder and driving force of Jakub Malina - Herz in Praxis

Mentoring and support of companies in optimizing their processes and their potential

Author of various publications on economics and personality development

How did Systemic Detox Method originate?

Consultant, expert for process optimization, marketing and communication. Specializing in doctors, especially dentists and orthodontists.

Interested in holistic approaches because philanthropic

Some years ago I remembered of an earlier impulse, thoughts of my own: "You can cure your diabetes ..."

Positive personal experience with detox method, with true causes are removed, not just effects adjusted

Development of the Systemic Detox method

Tried and tested: Systemic detox method has already been successfully used many times for companies and individuals

About me personally


Proud father of 8-year-old daughter

Interests: Everything that life (offers) for body, mind and soul; Technology, society, nature - especially mountains and sea


Jakub Malina